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InMode Contoura represents a groundbreaking approach to body contouring without surgery.


It utilizes RF energy, suction, and deep-tissue warming to address persistent fat, lax skin, and cellulite, offering slimming, toning, and body reshaping benefits.



Contoura serves as a comprehensive body workstation designed for addressing overall body contouring, cellulite reduction, and skin smoothing treatments, all without the need for incisions or downtime.



In contrast to other body treatment devices that often entail high per-procedure costs, Contoura boasts zero consumable expenses or pulse counters.


Its radio-frequency technology enables practitioners to deliver comprehensive body treatments, cellulite reduction, and skin smoothing across all body areas with a single device.


This versatility offers multiple revenue streams, contributing significantly to a practice's bottom line.


Forma represents an advanced skin remodeling technology that offers both dermal and subdermal heating.


Through electrodes, radio-frequency is transmitted to administer a pain-free, non-invasive treatment.


With its built-in temperature controls, Forma ensures that treatments reach optimal endpoints safely and effectively.


BodyFX offers a non-invasive solution utilizing radio-frequency energy to enhance blood circulation and distribute heat deep into the tissue.


By employing negative pressure, it secures the skin to the RF electrodes, ensuring uniform heating across both the dermis and sub-dermal layers.


Patients are consistently thrilled with the results.


INMODE CONTOURA and BodyFX are both non-invasive procedures, offering safe alternatives to surgery. BodyFX utilizes radiofrequency energy to enhance blood circulation and disperse heat within deep tissues.


Through the application of negative pressure, it ensures uniform heating across the dermis and subdermal layers. Patients consistently express satisfaction with the results.

Benefits include technology that delivers and maintains uniform deep heating safely. With active temperature monitoring and controlled energy cut-off, optimal comfort and safety are ensured throughout the procedure.

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